Sunday, 11 March 2012

App solutely Hillarious

A list of some of the most outrageous Apps I could find in the App store

1. Funeral advice a quick guide to planning a funeral- free

2. Divorce negotiator -.99 $

3. How to fold napkins-free

4.A guide to north American trees- $9.99

5.The moron test HD- $ .99

6.Confessions a roman catholic app 1.99 (includes custom examination of conscience based on age sex, and vocation)

7. ipoo- bored while you poo? .99$ (under the category of social networking app)

8. Water! $ 2.99 ( an app that displays images of water)

9. Cat Physics $ 2.99

10. Toothbrush Motivator-$2.99