Sunday, 5 February 2012

ipad.... ipaid....

Soooo for those of you who don't know I got an ipad for Christmas. Yes... with a bit of help from Santa 2012 is the year that I have finally invested in my first E-reader. Wait a minute, what is that... I heard you say, the ipad is also an e-reader?
The long and short answer to this questions is of course yes and no, really. E-reading is of course only one of the very many things that my new magical 9.7 inch glass screen can do. Their are in fact many things other than reading that you can do with an ipad. In fact and though I'm ashamed to admit it e-reading is perhaps very low on the list of reasons why I bought an ipad in the first place. For the sake of brevity I will bullet point below the top 5 reasons why I now own an ipad.

1. It's lighter and fits better in the front of a bike basket than my Macbook pro. (see picture....note that is not my ipad or my bike... or my picture actually...not going to go into copyright here I've been on that topic all week!)

2. I saw another girl on my MA course using her ipad to take notes and became instantly envious... that's right envy the root of all smart decision making

3. I was going to purchase inDesign for $450 any ways and thought that perhaps instead I would get a lot more out of the ipad

4. As a publishing student it is disgraceful I do not already own an e-reader... Right?

Also just before heading home for the holidays I had a rather bad crash on my bike, thanks to the grace of a metal wire basket my macbook pro was somehow spared damage. However the idea of loosing my school notes, not to mention novels I have written teriffied me. And thus the ipad for me is in short not just an e-reader, not just a lighter version of my macbook, but first and foremost the coolest way to invest four years of laptop insurance into of a piece of techonology that will lets face it probably be out of date in less than 6 month's anyway.

Stay tuned for the next part of this post when I talk about my views on how I think people view the value of digital content on these very expensive devices.... hence the whole name of this post... ipad.... i paid... part two coming soon !

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