Monday, 5 September 2011

My bank account is so secure even I can't access it !

Dear Natwest,
For the past two weeks and counting that I have been trying to sort out an issue with a locked pin for my debit card held on my personal account at your fine banking establishment. Having been a customer at Natwest for the past 6 years now I have yet to encounter quite such difficulty ever accessing my own personal account. Having been away from the country for the past 2 years I feel justified in having forgotten my pin number having not used it once in 24mths time.
On August the 22nd I had ordered from a local branch of your fine banking establishment a copy of my own pin number to be sent to me and was told that it would take 2 to 3 working days.
Let me know count for you what exactly three working days are : Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.
I then returned to your fine banking establishment on Friday only to be told that my pin had not yet arrived.
I then attempted to change my address to my new and current address in the UK. I also requested that my pin number be sent to that address to of course save me the added hassle of returning to the bank once more. I waited for another 6 working days until the next Thursday when I returned to your FINE BANKING ESTABLISHMENT! only to find that my pin had still not arrived and that my address had also not been changed. I apparently had not been clever enough to realized that the bank teller assisting me had actually done nothing to my account since apparently he was set down to be fired the very next day.
I then asking for assuring form the person serving me that they were in fact actually going remain working for Natwest at least within the next week requested that my pin be sent once more to the branch. I was assured that it would arrive this very morning Monday September the 5th and on arrival at the local branch of your fine banking establishment was told that my pin has YET TO ARRIVE!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been told that it will arrive tomorrow although I do have to be quite honest in expressing my lack of assurance and trust in the word of anyone sitting behind the counter of your fine banking establishment. IT HAS BEEN 14 DAYS I would like MY MONEY back.

Many Thanks,

Your most terribly unsatisfied customer

Okay so really that was just a bit of my venting but I thought it to funny not to post. Just for all my American readers to know this is the way things are traditionally done in the UK no one screams in a loud and angry Yankee accent over the phone about how stupid the company policy is they just write rather controlled angry letters. It's actually quite humorous how much you have to run around in circles to get anything done in this country sometimes. You think this story about my bank is bad try talking on the phone with BT (British Telecom) or British Gas or Transport for London..... the list could go on!
All in all I have learned from this experience one thing that I can use to turn into a positive and that is... My bank is an impenetrable fortress so secure that even I myself cannot access it!

I feel much better now :)

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