Friday, 2 September 2011

600 Days of Summer

I said goodbye to the Sun when I left Texas. Today for the first time in perhaps all my years of living in London I found myself wishing I'd brought shorts with me. 26 Degrees Celsius is apparently only 79 Fahrenheit which is probably colder than it ever gets in the Philippines, but today I was honestly HOT!
The funniest thing was watching people. I do this a lot but today I noticed more than I usually do what every one was wearing. It was like some people had not gotten the memo. I saw a girl about my age wearing a VERY thick wool Jumper and long black leggings with a denim skirt over them. Just looking at her made me boil! Then again a select few of the British population seemed to have taken the cue and used the opportunity of a sunny day to walk around half naked whilst still managing to look like they were sweating up a storm.
The title of this post I should perhaps explain...
the thing is that I spent 18 months living in a Topical country (Philippines) only to come home to a record breaking heat wave of a summer in Texas. I've sort of forgot what the sensation of being cold feels like. I'm more than certain though that with the London winter coming up I'll soon be dreaming of the days that I used to sweat out liters of water walking through rice fields!

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